best staff for comet azur

best staff for comet azur
best staff for comet azur

Assuming that you are referring to the “Comet Azur” mount in the game “Genshin Impact”, the best staff for this character would depend on the specific build and playstyle you have in mind.

However, generally speaking, the best staff for Comet Azur is the Staff of Homa, as it provides a significant boost to her overall damage output and survivability. The weapon’s passive ability, “Reckless Cinnabar”, increases the user’s maximum HP and converts a portion of that HP into bonus ATK.

Other good options for Comet Azur include the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear and the Skyward Spine. These weapons offer high base ATK and useful passives that complement the character’s kit. Ultimately, the best staff for Comet Azur will depend on your preferred playstyle, as well as the other characters in your team composition.


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